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Moving into our new home.

January 10, 2009

Actually, the landlady is not as bad as I thought. She was very friendly. I think she was just being careful. I suppose… I dont blame her because I would be cautious too if I am renting my place to somebody.

The house is so so empty. Even the Zebra couch was no longer there. I am moving in today. My dear friend Linda will be helping me out. Managed to zap all my rent on one credit card. Need to do my claims quick if not the interest will suck me dry…!! Dah lah takleh take out money from ASB from here.  Alahai…

Spent my Friday night eating out with my friend Linda and with my new found fun queer friend Ras (he is soo gay! I knew him through Linda) and with Linda’s ex, who dying to get her back, Richard. We went to Linda’s favourite sushi place Kulu Kulu. The food was very yummy. It is fast to be my favourite place too.

After the moving later, we are off for furniture shopping. That will be under my other credit cards! This is the first time I am maximising the credit limit they are giving me. But still, I am under control. At least I would like to think so!! Haha…

Its 7am here and I have packed up everything! Except the foodstuff. I have actually accumulated quite a lot of things in these two weeks. Luckily I have the UT vacuum pack.  Chuck everything in there and suck the air out. It is fun to see mountains of things became flat in front of your eyes. It is so so useful. Get it guys, especially when you are travellling. You can squeeze a lot of things in the suitcase. Also you can use it for storage. Especially for the clothes that you can’t fit anymore but you know and confident that, one day you will lose all the extra meat and will fit into it again.

The only problem for travelling is, your suit case will be so heavy! Me and Linda will have a tough time carrying it later. Where are men and muscles when we need them! Muzzy.. darling… I so need you now!! 

Kesian Muzzy, have to make a lot of executive decisions back home. What to ship, what to leave behind. Its ok darling… I promise I will not complain if you leave any of our stuff behind though it is important. My mouth will be zip shut! I trust your judgement. Really… I do! You will hear no complains from me… Nope! Love you…. hehehe..

Ok.. now I have to pack the food. Rahil left her butter cookies that she claimed she loves it so much. There are also chocolates, cereal, telur, crispy aromatic chicken (yeah sayang.. I have not eaten it), Muller rice, uncooked pasta, pasta sauce, kicap abc, chilli oil and bla bla bla… That will take sometime to sort out.


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I am crap with wordpress…

January 8, 2009

I am so touched that so many of you actually visited the blog and dropped a few lines. Thank you so much. Tak sangka glamour jugak I ni… hahahah…should I have nuffnang now? No?  I think I am not as glamour as that ah-oklah blog tu… hehehe.. how the hell do I link the ah-ok lah statement to the blog. I am so clueless on wordpress blog thingy and it is not even funny. Now I wish I have my wise friend acat here to help me out. He always there when I need advice on computer and stuff. I do not even know how to personalise the look of this blog. Lots to learn.. lots to learn..

Anyway, I had my first meeting with one of our potential customer today. My boss was actually nervous of this meeting because we are proposing a price which is much higher than they suggested. But her nervousness turned out to be unjustified at all. She was amazing and truly admirable. She conducted the meeting very well and truly in control. I can see why she was able to bag the double promotion recently. Hmmm…When I grow up.. I want to be just like her. Work wise at least. I have 3 more years to ‘grow up’. Yup she is only 33… Dang. I am still at awe…

The estate agent called in the afternoon and said there was a slight problem with the tenancy. The landlady wanted a reference letter from HR because I am new to the country and do not have any references from banks nor previous landlord. The HR wrote the letter but unfortunately it spells out my salary and the housing allowance. The landlady suddenly wanted the 6 months break clause on her part only while I have to go for a year contract. I know where she is getting at… she wanted to increase the rent after 6 months and I am stuck with a year contract. Banyak cantik…. ?My arselah!! 

Actually, I do get a good deal with the rent, she wanted 550 a week but settled with about 500 when I negotiated with her. Apparently, it could have been a lot higher that 550 but the market quite bad here… So, when she knew my gross income, she must have thought… Shit! I could have asked higher. But too bad lah, the amount is gross and I do have to pay tax on that. And the tax here is 45%!! shit loads..! I said no!! Banyak cantik muka hang! Nearly cancel the whole thing off, then she relented and said ok lah… So I still get the house. It is just that… the relationship with landlady has started on a sour note. I will be seeing her tomorrow and see how is she like in person. All these while, it is always through the agent.

I had dinner with my old and dear friend Latiff and his sisters. We went to Westfield, the new shopping complex at Sheperds Bush. It is sooo huge. It was a nice dinner at a mexican place. I always enjoy the company of Lat and the sisters. They are from a malaysian royal family but were brought up really well. So down to earth and always nice to people. The food was not that great. Apparently we went to a wrong mexican place, there is another mexican place which is supposed to be the nice one. But nevertheless, I had a great time with them. At least I am not stuck in the flat feeling lonesome. Anything beats that.

Now I am back.. need to get some sleep. I am off half day tomorrow to grab the keys to the house. Will be moving in on Saturday to an empty house. The only form of furniture I have is the zebra printed sofa. Its damn ugly but whatever I can get my hands on right now. Lotsa of shopping to do… that can be fun! Haha… That will keep me busy for awhile!

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Now, I can get my paycheque!

January 6, 2009

I have a bank account now… Apparently, I need one by tomorrow or I will not able to get my pay this month. And God knows, I need it…

Our HR has a good relationship with the bank so I can open an account with somebody else’s house address. However, it is so happened to be the same bank that I used during my Uni days. I was a bit naughty during those days. Not that good with personal financial planning, though my course was accounting and finance… hehe.

I did think that it might be best if I open an account with a different bank but I was desperate. Plus, I do not want to explain to my HR that I was a bit naughty during Uni days. I have a reputation to build and I do not want them to think I am a potential CBT case pulak. So I went ahead trying my luck.

So, it was a nervous wait when they were checking my credit history. But to my surprise, I passed. They even offered me an overdraft facility which I politely declined. Don’t want to history to repeat it self… What happen there? I don’t really know but Alhamdullillah I have a good credit rating…

One thing good about Malaysia that you can get your atm cards on the spot but here.. I have to wait for 5 working days here. So proud to be a Malaysian! Malaysia so efficient wan… Malaysia Boleh!!

Random thoughts: Somebody should do something about Gaza bombing. Jahat lah itu Israel! Come on Obama.. please do not disappoint us and show your worth!!!

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Noah is ours..

January 6, 2009

Its official. Court has made their decision. Noah is ours… legally ours for the next 18 years!!!

Alhamdullillah… Allah has been very kind to us.

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The first day…

January 6, 2009
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A quick update on the first day of work. It was a cold Monday morning. I left  the flat at 745  and I saw the roadsides are all wet. It has been raining the night before. It has been a relatively nice weather last week, yes it was cold but dry. It was a perfect weather to walk about the high streets of London. But that was last week..

I arrived at Canary Wharf, waiting for my boss. I suppose to walk with her to office since I didn’t know how to get there. But she decided to drive instead and pick me up at the station. I came out of the tube station and it was hailing! Brrrr…. Thank God for awhile that I didn’t have to walk. It was a brief drive and I arrived at Harbour Exchange, my office for the next two months at least.

As I entered the floor, I saw everybody are Malaysian there except for the receptionist. Hahaha… I felt at home straight away. I was given a brief by my boss on my job scope and that is when I decided that I am going to love my job. It sounds so interesting and much much better than what I was doing previously. Yoo hooo!

The Estate Agent called yesterday and she said the landlord has accepted my offer. Alhamdullillah, I don’t really have to bother looking elsewhere. Need to give her the appropriate documents, pay the full deposits, and a month rent. That will bore a big hole in my pocket. Gaji tak masuk lagi ni… But, I can move in this weekend!! Perfect!

The day ended with a walk back to Canary Wharf tube station. Then I spent a few hours shopping for a long coat… This is on credit! hehehe… Hei.. I need it for that cold walk to work! I found a perfect coat from Zara, on Sale!!

Back at the flat.. knackered. Makan nasi dengan telur, smoke mackarel, kicap ABC and Chilli Oil,  and fell asleep at the sofa whilst watching Channel Four. That is the end of my first day.

I am going to love my job, though it sounds quite challenging, but I know that I am going to love it. Insyaallah!

Missing Muzzy and Noah. Alhamdullillah Noah papers are all set. See you soon darlings.

Muz.. if you are reading this… tak nak contribute ke? this is your blog too…

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More photos…

January 4, 2009
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Saat-saat happening and pening around london.

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There he goes…

January 4, 2009

Muz has gone back to Malaysia… I felt as if he has left a big gaping hole in me. I am feeling so alone right now. Okay… I am being overdramatic but maybe it is also because my sis and her family left on the same day. They all have gone, leaving me alone to brave London and my scary new job.

It has been a very busy few days and didn’t manage to update the blog. We have been shopping a lot. I needed plenty woolies and work shoes, Muz needed new pants, Kak Tita needed comfortable shoes and Adam… hmm… I don’t remember he needed anything but he did bought a t-shirt. So, basically, we spent the last two days at Oxford, Regent and also a few short stops at Bond Street. I got a Gucci bag. I likeee!

But we did manage to squeeze a visit to a museum this week. On Thursday, we spent the whole day at Natural History Museum. It was nice but after awhile, it was an information overload! Information overload! I rather spend the day on brainless shopping escapade… hahaha!!

I am alone in the flat right now. It is so quiet. No jumping little feet and high pitched screaming voices, no-Mama Eju, why this and why that! No-Adam’s voice saying – Iman.. no! Yes they will be no more complains from the neighbours but I don’t care, I actually miss all that.

Today, GI was kind enough to send Muz off to the airport and drove me around on the possible areas to live. Love the Dockland area and Greenwich was quite nice too. But, I was not really comfortable with the routes to work. Perhaps I need sometime to settle in and be comfortable in taking the trains and buses in those areas. So I decided to make an offer on the Maida Vale house, perhaps a 6 + 6 months contract so I have an option of getting out of the contract in 6 months time. Hope the landlord will agree with my offer and I can get that over and done with. That will also make my boss happy since she forewarned me that she doesn’t want me to spend too much time finding a house. Totally potong steam nak tengok tempat lain.

Whatever it is, missing you already sayang. Missing Noah badly too. Especially when I saw people pushing prams and carrying babies, I just wish that I have Noah in my arms, kissing his chubby cheeks and seeing him smiling cutely at me. And of course, your kisses on me too…sayang. Can’t wait to have two of my favourite boys here. Hell, I also wish Mak, Ayah and Qasim can be here too. How nice if all of us can be here and surely it will make London much warmer place than it is now. This is one classic case of, ‘be careful what you wish for’. I always wanted to work in London but didn’t know that I will feel this lonely. Ok Eju… it is only temporary.

Oh well, starting to feel the winter depression… got to go and stuff myself with happy food. Later babeh!

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First few days in London

December 31, 2008
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Baker St Station

My sis, my bro in law, lovely niece and cutie nephew.
My sis, my bro in law, lovely niece and cutie nephew.
Sengih tapi sebenarnye half frozen.

Sengih tapi sebenarnye half frozen.

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The start of a new dawn..

December 29, 2008

Business class rocks! Sorry, Eju is so jakun first time naik business class. Didn’t get to hang out at the lounge though, sebab when I came in, it was already the final call. I was the last one to board the flight. Yup.. I was told three times from three different crews. The first one was at the boarding gate when I was putting my bag through the scanner. Second one was when I entered the corridor towards the plane and the third one was by the steward who showed me my seat. By the third time I was like… Gosh, enough already, I know I was the last one to board the plane!! The plane was delayed, how would I know you want everybody to be in so early.

The flight was cooool!! Not much turbulence. Maybe this is because you don’t really feel it with bigger planes as compared with small ones which I always take to Jakarta. I was fussing with the tv screen for awhile adamant not to call the stewardess for help. Malu lah.. nanti nampak sangat first time. But at last, kena jugak or I risk not to have entertainment all through out the flight. I was watching Mama Mia and there was this sad scene which opened the flood gate. I cried so much… The good byes made me over emotional…

Landed at heathrow at 5.40 am, as per the itinerary. I was hoping that the delay would delay my arrival but I guess the pilot sped up the plane to catch up. I went through the fast track lane, instead of the normal lane, courtesy of the business class.. huhu! Took the taxi to Grand Plaza Serviced Apartment hoping my room is ready at 7 am. And it was my lucky day indeed. The flat is a one bedroomer and it is quite small. I can’t help but to compare with the one bedroom flat in KL. But hey, what do you expect for staying in central london. Space is gold.

Muz, Kak Tita, Adam, Rahil and Iman finally arrived at 10am. Rahil was shy and quite at first then after that became so chatty asking why this and why that! Why, why ,why with her cockney accent. Tak larat mama eju nak layan. Iman is a happy toddler exploring the whole apartment and everywhere. Such a curious mind. Didn’t go anywhere yesterday but around bayswater only. Makan kat Malaysia Hall… yeah yeah.. I know.. I just arrived from Malaysia dah pergi Malaysia Hall makan nasi hidang. Saje aje.. at least I know where it is located. Rahil was unusually quite there. We were wondering why. Then she asked Kak Tita, why does everybody looks the same here! HAHAHA… memang lah, it is a Malaysian Hall and only malaysian can enter. No wonder she was so quiet.  Obviously, it something that she hardly see in Coventry. Wait until she comes back to Malaysia. The whole freaking country look the same…

Then we went to get new sim cards for me and Muz. We are now the proud owners of UK mobile numbers. We also had a quick trip to Tesco Metro to get some groceries for the weeks ahead staying in that apartment. Went crazy for awhile seeing all those things we have missed when we left UK. The Muller rice, the cheap semi skimmed milk, maple and pecan cereal, cheese strings. Yeah I know… you still can get those in KL but they are so cheap here. Don’t convert ok? We went back to the apartment and had Taza for dinner.

Wahai abang abang Taza, you guys still make the best shawarma even after all these years. Still said the meat is Halal, insyaallah, when we asked, though there’s no where stated in the store saying it is Halal. We take your word for it because we trust you!! Other than that you make the best shawarma ever.

Kak tita and family went back to Coventry after dinner and will be coming back again on new years eve. I was already half asleep at 9pm… tak boleh bukak mata. Then off to bed..!

Will post some pics soon. Still yet to figure out how to do that on wordpress.

This part of London did not change much. It was like a walk down the memory lane…

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see you soon…

December 29, 2008
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Had my goodbyes two days ago. Didn’t realised that it could be quite hard. I will miss each one of you.

Emak.. you are a pillar of my strength, you are always there when we need you.

Ayah, the backbone of the family who loves and adores his children and cucu would do anything for them.

Emak and Abah, thanks for accepting me in your family and made me feel like I am your daughter.

Lovely friends, you know who you are… thanks for always be there for me. There are times that when thought I do not want to trouble any you but you are still there for me, willingly.

My brothers in law, all of you were there too. Thank you so much and I really honoured by your presence.

My cousin and Mak Lang, thank you for seeing me off. Cousin, though we are not as closed as we used too, we still have that special bond that runs deep in our veins.

Noah darling, you were sound asleep even when I showered you with kisses before I left. You looked so innocent and in peace. You are such a bless to me. I believe that this God gift rezeki is for you. I thank God for you. Mama will see you soon ok?

I don’t see this as good bye… it is more of ‘see you soon!’

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