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My baby doesn’t want me..

February 6, 2009

Alamak… dah lama gila tak update.

I am yet to get my own broadband. Oh well, you know how it is here… there are slow in everything. I am beginning to feel too tired to complain. It is just an acceptable norm and something that I just need to get used to in this country.

I am stealing some office time to update.

Muzzy and Noah are here. I am glad… my life just feel complete again. But my son do not like me anymore. He prefers the Daddy. Mama left him for almost a month and he doesn’t recognise Mama anymore. I was so sad the first day.. The fact that my own son didn’t want to be held by me brought me to tears. Until now. It has been 5 days. He still prefers his Daddy over his Mama. He even pushed me away when I wanted to kiss him. People said to me, it is normal for a baby to act that way, and it takes time for him to warm up but I can’t help it. It breaks my heart.

Weekend is here. I am looking forward to spend more time with my baby. Reintroduce myself to him. The same person who took care of him since he was born (up until a month ago.. bluek!), who stayed up late at night to put wet towel on his forehead when he was burning on fever after that polio jab, who’s breasts he suckles, who would protect him with her life, who loves him no matter what.

Sorry.. I am being emotional again. My baby doesn’t want me… it just breaks my heart.


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