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Avenue Q musical | January 21, 2009

Linda, Ras and I went to watch Avenue Q the musical on Monday night. The show was a hit at Broadway and made its way to West End in June 2006 and straight away became a hit too. It has won the best musical in 2004.  It is a comedy musical combining human and puppets. Yes, puppets on stage. I actually thought of bringing my five year old niece to see it because of the puppets. Little that I know that the show is inspired by reality of life and quite crude and vulgar. They even have a scene where puppets are ‘doing it’ on stage. That screwed up my memory of the cute Sesame Street characters. Puppets ‘doing it’ are so so wrong…! Nevertheless, the whole arrangement is so brilliant and enjoyed the show very much. What a great end to my Monday. I would recommend it to everybody, except if you are a below certain age. Malaysian kids – only for 18 and above. If you are British- for 15 and above. For my niece? Not until she is 25 and married.

Below is replay of the opening scene of the show.


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  1. Betul! 25 years AND married.

    Comment by Ezlika — January 22, 2009 @ 3:20 pm

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