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That weekend at Stoke | January 19, 2009

My bed and dining table were delivered last Saturday! Yeay! The dining table came first but unfortunately it could not fit the stairway so they could not bring them to my reception area on the 2nd floor. It was flat packed but the length was quite long. I got a 6 seater which can be converted to 8 seater and for some reason they have packed with the length of 8 seater. So, they were unable to manoeuvre it through my tight stairway and just chucked them in my 3rd bedroom downstairs. Fine… whatever! Ill bring it bit by bit upstairs when we want to assemble it later this week.

 I was worried that my bed will not be able to fit through too. How am I supposed to carry them upstairs at the third floor all on my own? The previous tenant had a big bed up there so I was a bit hopeful. The delivery guys came and they managed to do it. Alhamdullillah! They even assemble it for me with a small fee. When they were assembling it, they found out that one leg is missing. Luckily it was resolved by taking one of the legs off the other divan from their delivery van. I am so glad I asked them to assemble if not, I would need to call them again, complain, arrange the delivery of the other leg and all that crap. So one thing less to worry about. 


After lunch, I caught a train to Coventry to my sister’s for the weekend. It took me only an hour from Euston to get there. I was considering taking the bus which supposedly, takes only 2 hours, but since I do not have the luxury of time and do not want to risk the traffic jams, I decided to take the train albeit it is more expensive. I arrived in Coventry in no time and even managed to go to Ikea before it was closed at 8pm.


The next day was the fun part where we made a trip to Stoke-on-Trent – the home of fine Chinas by Waterford Company which carries the brands like Wedgewood and Royal Doulton. Beautiful pieces to choose from with only fraction of the original prices. Apparently, the company is in trouble so they are having massive sale to get rid of the old stock. I got plates for everyday use, plates for guests, plates for servings, side plates, dessert plates and several mangkuk hayun hidang for my ayam masak kicap and sambal ikan keli!


We also bought 10 pieces of dining plates from Royal Doulton for our lovely mother. My sister and I went a tad bit crazy over the sale. Unfortunately, I had to leave all my prized acquisition at my sister’s place, since I would not be able to bring them through the train ride and all over London underground tube network. She will bring them to me next weekend when they are coming down to London. Hahaha… can’t wait to arrange them nicely in my kitchen cabinet!


Actually, just about a month ago, I don’t really care about the fine chinas. I never can comprehend why people would spend thousands of ringgit on dinnerware. I suppose when you are at the factory outlet and the prices are affordable (plus you know how ridiculously expensive they are back home), you tend to get over excited and can’t help but succumbed to the dark side. 


BUT, it only happens because those items were on sale! Errr…so I would like to think…. for the sake of Noah’s education fund.

 Pinggan pinggan

Look at how they shine… 


Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton for mak


the princesses

My niece went on and on about these china princesses and kept on asking… ‘ Is this expensive??’.  She wanted to get them but I said what’s the point since all you can do is look at them, not play with them. She said she just wanted to look at them… So I suggested, to take picture instead.

fun day out

18012009089Fun day out

my fav boys...

My favourite boys… wish you guys are here…


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  1. cantiknye your china.. totally share your justifications on buying them!! and its classic design so won’t go out of style.
    got my corner lot finally, took over noreena’s old place but kena share with syamsul now the cubicle is smaller but rosniah still inside so kena call each other kalau nak goss… and rini also a bit far
    anyway rosniah & i bought givenchy bag each last week and you know who got a bit jeles lah kot sebab we didn’t ajak her heheee

    Comment by farhi — January 21, 2009 @ 1:39 am

  2. jeles..
    kat sini only got batu permata..tak mampu pun 😦

    Comment by Mynn — January 21, 2009 @ 4:05 am

  3. beautiful! bestnye…….

    Comment by toughcookie — January 21, 2009 @ 5:50 am

  4. Farhi.. thanks for that dose of goss! givenchy?? wahh… so nice. Can’t wait to see them!

    Yasmin.. Batu permata takde yang murah ke? Kena pergi factory outlet jugak. How’s life there babe?

    Toughcookee.. thank you, babe.

    Comment by MuzEju — January 21, 2009 @ 8:05 pm

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