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We have moved….

February 10, 2009
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I gave up… I can’t fix the layout. So we are moving to a new address.

You can find us at our new home ‘’


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they came and brought the snow

February 9, 2009



We woke up on 2nd February, the Elgin Mews North was filled with snow. It was like a celebration outside. People couldn't go to work so they came out to play...

Noah gazed out the window... he wants to join the fun!

Noah gazed out the window... he wants to join the fun!

We piled Noah up with layers and brought him out to be part of the historic moment. The first time in 20 years snowing in London.

We piled Noah up with layers and brought him out to be part of the historic moment. The first time in 20 years snowing in London.

Wah... Daddy also jakun...

Wah... Daddy also jakun...

Noah was speechless, enjoying the moment. He was crying so much when we were putting the clothes on but once he was outside... he became calm and relax. He understood the fuss of his momma and daddy on him just now... all to keep him warm.

Noah was speechless, enjoying the moment. He was crying so much when we were putting the clothes on but once he was outside... he became calm and relax. He understood the fuss of his momma and daddy on him just now... all to keep him warm.

The wintry walk in the park near our home...

The wintry walk in the park near our home...

Daddy was throwing snowball at momma! Tak Aci... he has Noah as human shield!!

Daddy was throwing snowball at momma! Tak Aci... he has Noah as human shield!!

Noah fell asleep after all that excitement. Time to go back inside...

Noah fell asleep after all that excitement. Time to go back inside...tak caya London snow ye??The tube station near our home..Having the last fun at our little mews before the miracle snow melted away...

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My baby doesn’t want me..

February 6, 2009

Alamak… dah lama gila tak update.

I am yet to get my own broadband. Oh well, you know how it is here… there are slow in everything. I am beginning to feel too tired to complain. It is just an acceptable norm and something that I just need to get used to in this country.

I am stealing some office time to update.

Muzzy and Noah are here. I am glad… my life just feel complete again. But my son do not like me anymore. He prefers the Daddy. Mama left him for almost a month and he doesn’t recognise Mama anymore. I was so sad the first day.. The fact that my own son didn’t want to be held by me brought me to tears. Until now. It has been 5 days. He still prefers his Daddy over his Mama. He even pushed me away when I wanted to kiss him. People said to me, it is normal for a baby to act that way, and it takes time for him to warm up but I can’t help it. It breaks my heart.

Weekend is here. I am looking forward to spend more time with my baby. Reintroduce myself to him. The same person who took care of him since he was born (up until a month ago.. bluek!), who stayed up late at night to put wet towel on his forehead when he was burning on fever after that polio jab, who’s breasts he suckles, who would protect him with her life, who loves him no matter what.

Sorry.. I am being emotional again. My baby doesn’t want me… it just breaks my heart.

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Quick updates.

January 27, 2009

I don’t have internet access at home so updating this from office. So it has to be a quick one.

Spent last weekend moving into our home. This time for good. No more crashing at Linda’s place.

Kak tita, Adam and the whole family came down from Coventry to inaugurate the house. We assembled the dining table and sofa bed. Unfortunately, my living room sofa did not fit through the stairway and I have to find some mover that able to fit it through the window. Somemore dosh to pay. Whatever lah… I am trying to do the economics of changing it to smaller packaged sofa instead.

Got myself a new phone… an Iphone. Finally! I always wanted it. My other hot nokia phone will be given to Muzzy.  My Nokia is a good phone and I love it. Since Iphone is free with a contract and I need the contract phone line anyway…  so why not.

Trying to get a broadband connection to my place. Hopefully it will not take too long. More updates soon.

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Nearly don’t recognise my baby

January 22, 2009

He has grown so much since I said good bye to him nearly 4 weeks ago. Mama nearly didn't recognise you.

Look how he looks to the camera... so cute eh! Geram nye...

Look how he gazes into the camera... so cute eh! Geram nye...Mama miss you so much darling. I am gonna eat you alive when you are here.


Though I nearly don't recognise you... that ears tetap menjadi pojaan hati ku...

Though I nearly don't recognise you... that ears tetap menjadi pojaan hati ku...

All the pictures above courtesy of Daddy. I miss Noah’s daddy too… Muah muah!!

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Avenue Q musical

January 21, 2009
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Linda, Ras and I went to watch Avenue Q the musical on Monday night. The show was a hit at Broadway and made its way to West End in June 2006 and straight away became a hit too. It has won the best musical in 2004.  It is a comedy musical combining human and puppets. Yes, puppets on stage. I actually thought of bringing my five year old niece to see it because of the puppets. Little that I know that the show is inspired by reality of life and quite crude and vulgar. They even have a scene where puppets are ‘doing it’ on stage. That screwed up my memory of the cute Sesame Street characters. Puppets ‘doing it’ are so so wrong…! Nevertheless, the whole arrangement is so brilliant and enjoyed the show very much. What a great end to my Monday. I would recommend it to everybody, except if you are a below certain age. Malaysian kids – only for 18 and above. If you are British- for 15 and above. For my niece? Not until she is 25 and married.

Below is replay of the opening scene of the show.

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That weekend at Stoke

January 19, 2009

My bed and dining table were delivered last Saturday! Yeay! The dining table came first but unfortunately it could not fit the stairway so they could not bring them to my reception area on the 2nd floor. It was flat packed but the length was quite long. I got a 6 seater which can be converted to 8 seater and for some reason they have packed with the length of 8 seater. So, they were unable to manoeuvre it through my tight stairway and just chucked them in my 3rd bedroom downstairs. Fine… whatever! Ill bring it bit by bit upstairs when we want to assemble it later this week.

 I was worried that my bed will not be able to fit through too. How am I supposed to carry them upstairs at the third floor all on my own? The previous tenant had a big bed up there so I was a bit hopeful. The delivery guys came and they managed to do it. Alhamdullillah! They even assemble it for me with a small fee. When they were assembling it, they found out that one leg is missing. Luckily it was resolved by taking one of the legs off the other divan from their delivery van. I am so glad I asked them to assemble if not, I would need to call them again, complain, arrange the delivery of the other leg and all that crap. So one thing less to worry about. 


After lunch, I caught a train to Coventry to my sister’s for the weekend. It took me only an hour from Euston to get there. I was considering taking the bus which supposedly, takes only 2 hours, but since I do not have the luxury of time and do not want to risk the traffic jams, I decided to take the train albeit it is more expensive. I arrived in Coventry in no time and even managed to go to Ikea before it was closed at 8pm.


The next day was the fun part where we made a trip to Stoke-on-Trent – the home of fine Chinas by Waterford Company which carries the brands like Wedgewood and Royal Doulton. Beautiful pieces to choose from with only fraction of the original prices. Apparently, the company is in trouble so they are having massive sale to get rid of the old stock. I got plates for everyday use, plates for guests, plates for servings, side plates, dessert plates and several mangkuk hayun hidang for my ayam masak kicap and sambal ikan keli!


We also bought 10 pieces of dining plates from Royal Doulton for our lovely mother. My sister and I went a tad bit crazy over the sale. Unfortunately, I had to leave all my prized acquisition at my sister’s place, since I would not be able to bring them through the train ride and all over London underground tube network. She will bring them to me next weekend when they are coming down to London. Hahaha… can’t wait to arrange them nicely in my kitchen cabinet!


Actually, just about a month ago, I don’t really care about the fine chinas. I never can comprehend why people would spend thousands of ringgit on dinnerware. I suppose when you are at the factory outlet and the prices are affordable (plus you know how ridiculously expensive they are back home), you tend to get over excited and can’t help but succumbed to the dark side. 


BUT, it only happens because those items were on sale! Errr…so I would like to think…. for the sake of Noah’s education fund.

 Pinggan pinggan

Look at how they shine… 


Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton for mak


the princesses

My niece went on and on about these china princesses and kept on asking… ‘ Is this expensive??’.  She wanted to get them but I said what’s the point since all you can do is look at them, not play with them. She said she just wanted to look at them… So I suggested, to take picture instead.

fun day out

18012009089Fun day out

my fav boys...

My favourite boys… wish you guys are here…

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I got a new toy..

January 16, 2009

Heehe… I got a new computer from office. A very light and small HP laptop. I like….!!hp1
Shiny brand new!

Can you see how compact it is. Cmpare it with my hand and the pen. Awww!

Can you see how compact it is. Compare it with my hand and the pen. Awww!

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Tired (sigh..)

January 16, 2009
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I woke up this morning feeling tired and sickly. Luckily it is Friday and I can’t wait for the weekend. My current housemate (Linda) is already up and about eventhough today is her off day. She works only 3 days in a week and her weekend starts from Friday – Monday. I am so jealous!! But her work hours are from 9am to 9pm so she clocks in the minimum required hours I suppose. I guess this is part of the perks of a professional Pharmacist.

Anyway, I am at the office now but feeling a bit under the weather. Took a few vitamins Cs just so the cold weather does not get to me. I read in the paper that there is one hospital here had to put the corpse in the toilet to make room for the still living sick people. Many of them are down with flu due to superbug (dont ask me what is it… I am guessing superman like germs…duh!)  and the number risen significantly when we had the severe cold weather last week. I do not want to be one of them , thank you very much. Dah lah tak register myself to any surgery yet. Yup…another one in the to-do list.

Anyway, not much to talk about my life at the moment. I spent the whole day in a meeting yesterday with one of our partners-  a major oil & gas company also. I couldn’t contribute as much as I wished to because was so busy absorbing all the information. Perhaps, that is why I felt so tired this morning. I really need to bring myself up to speed. As usual, my boss was very impressive. Dang.. pressure lah pulak!  

Missing Muzzy and Noah so much! Muzzy had to go to Singapore next week and that delays the visa application since the passport need to be handed in also. I was so sad when I heard the news. And my dear husband said that he needs to justify his January paycheque (eventhough he is leaving the company). Ok lah… what to do? Just waitlah… 

Will be going to Stoke-on-Trent this weekend with my sis. We shall see whether we can find any bargain. Looking forward to that…

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Furniture shopping.

January 13, 2009

I have moved in on Saturday night but the place is so empty with no furniture. So, my dear friend linda took pity on me and offered to stay at her place until I get at least a bed there. I straight away agreed. I didn’t really feel like staying in that house alone anyway. So I am now at her warm lovely flat eating her food away. hehehe..

The whole weekend (and Monday since I took leave) was spent on furniture shopping. It is not as cheap as I thought but I did get a few bargains from the winter sale. My bed and dining table will arrive next sat and that is the fastest delivery that they can do. The retail sector is unbelievably inefficient in deliveries. Ikea takes at least two weeks to deliver. Most of other shops take up to 24 days. I miss malaysia where you can even arrange the delivery on that day itself if you buy the item in the morning. In UK, it has become an acceptable norm for deliveries to be up to 24 days. I was damn lucky that my dining table and bed can be delivered in one week. No no… It was not due to luck really, it is more because I chose the item which can be delivered in a week. If I was to choose a different mattress or  table, the deliveries could be longer than that.

My puny brain can’ t really comprehend how can this so called modern country, with damn efficient public transportation can be so slow when it comes to this. No wonder many of the highstreet names are going bust. Even the big names like Woolworth, MFI and Wedgewood or Royal Doulton (yup…  this is the great time to stock up on those fine china ladies… next stop should be Stoke-on Trent!)

Linda has been so nice driving me around these last few days. She even let me borrow her credit card for my online purchases. Such a kind and amazing friend. We actually has lost touch for awhile.. hmm.. actually more like 7 years… when I went back to kl and she stayed in uk. And it is only 5 months ago that we started to chat up again. Thanks to facebook which reunited us and we fast became good friend again. She has been helping me a lot  since I came to London, and I can never thank her enough. Only Allah can repay her kindness.

I am so lucky that I have so many great friends in my life who always have my back no matter what. To each one of you, thank you so much. Missing you guys back home. Muahs muahs!!

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